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ELVIDA FOODS S.A endeavors to make its best efforts to ensure the accuracy and updates of the information distributed on its Site and reserves the right to correct, at any moment without prior notice, its contents. However, ELVIDA FOODS S.A cannot guarantee the accuracy and exhaustivity of information available on the Site.

ELVIDA FOODS S.A may not be held responsible for events out of its control and the potential damages suffered by the technical environment of the User and notably, his/her computers, software, network equipment or any other material to use the Site and/or information contained in it. Also, ELVIDA FOODS S.A declines all responsibility for the dysfunctions or interruptions during the use of the Site due to power failure, defection on telephone lines and/or internet or any other damaging event out of its control.

The confidentiality of correspondence is not guaranteed on the network and it is up to each User in particular to take all appropriate steps to protect his/her own data and/or software against contamination by any viruses circulating on the Internet.

As a result ELVIDA FOODS S.A accepts no responsibility whatsoever: for any imprecision, inaccuracy or omission with regard to information available on the Site, for any damage resulting from the intrusion by a third party leading to modification of the information available on the Site, and, more generally, for any damage, direct or indirect, for whatever cause, origin, nature and consequence, brought about by anyone having access to the Site or the impossibility of accessing the Site.

The User agrees to compensate and release ELVIDA FOODS S.A from all responsibility regarding losses or complaints from third parties, due to or in relation to the use made by such User of the Site.



Users are likely to provide personal data. Provision of this personal information is optional. in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), each user may access personal data concerning him/her and amend or delete it, if appropriate, by contacting ELVIDA FOODS S.A. For more information about your rights, please read the Privacy Notice posted on this site


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However, ELVIDA FOODS S.A is not able to control the risks linked to operation of the Internet and would draw the internet user’s attention to the existence of possible risks concerning the confidentiality of data transiting through this network and accepts no responsibility whatsoever concerning this risk.



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The present terms and conditions are governed by Greek law. Greek courts of law are territorially qualified and are acquainted with any lawsuits related to use of the Site.


ELVIDA FOODS S.A. informs users to the Site that these conditions may be changed at any time. These modifications are published online and are considered to be accepted unconditionally by all users accessing the site following their publication on line. In case of disagreement with these Terms of use, users are invited not to make use of the company’s website and services.

These General Τerms of Use are made up of the clauses included therein. If one or more of the provisions in these General Terms of Use is considered invalid or declared to be invalid according to the law, regulations, or following a decision by the presiding court, the other provisions will continue to be fully in force.

If the User does not respect these terms of use and if ELVIDA FOODS S.A does not immediately react, this does not mean that ELVIDA FOODS S.A waives its rights to act subsequently.

For any communication with the site administrator, please send an email. Also, if you have identified any legal or ethical issues in the content of the site, especially with regard to its reproduction and the use of intellectual property rights, please notify us.