Beef Gyros

Beef Gyros

Authentic Grilled & Sliced Pork Gyros

Cooking instructions

Ready in 2 minutes in microwave oven or 6 minutes in air oven. Alternatively in non stick cooking pan for 5 minutes

The product can be cooked frozen directly from packaging

Nutritional facts (per 100g)


151 Kcal/ 631Kj


18,4 g


8,4 g

From which saturated

2,8 g


<0,5 g


1,1 g

Shelf life instructions

In refrigerator

1 day

In freezer

1 week (-2ο C)

1 month  (-6ο  C)

3 months (-12ο C)

Until expiry(-18ο C)

Cooking tips
For better cooking results we recommend to let the product our of the freezer in room temperature in covered plate for 15 minutes before cooking

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