1. Where is Nostimost Gyros produced

    Nostismost Gyros is procuded in Greece from Elvida foods company. Elvida foods company (formerly Greek Gyros) is a 100% Greek company with a leading position in gyros, souvlaki and meat product production. Its factory is located in Peristeri-Athens.

  2. Is it a dafe product?

    Nostimost Gyros is produced with all the modern quality and safety specifications defined by Greek and European legislation.

  3. What are the differences with other similar products?

    Our company has a long tradition of producing gyros in the Greek market. Under the name Greek Gyros is essentially the one that started the industrial production of gyros in the Greek market of Food Service . It is also the one that started the production of baked gyros and the one that first founded the category in the supermarket market. The production plant is equipped with state-of-the-art processing machines, while meat comes from leading meat suppliers.

  4. How is Nostimost Gyros being prepared?

    Nostimost Gyros is being grilled and cut by our company. Can be prepared by simple reheating in a microwave oven or air oven. It can also be prepared in a few minutes by heating in a non-stick pan.

  5. Where can we find Nostimost Gyros?

    Nostimost Gyros can be found nationwide in all the major stores of SKLAVENITIS, MY MARKET and AB VASSILOPOULOS chains. Through our Facebook page we will be updating the addition of new chains to our clientele.

  6. How much does it cost?

    The Nostimost Gyros is a quality superior product that meets all the modern quality standards. It is cooked, so there are no losses in preparation when cooking other products of competition that are not cooked. The quantity in each package corresponds to 2 servings or 4 wrappers. The final price is formed on the shelf according to the commercial policy of each supermarket.